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how to write an ebook


Dear Budding Author

If you want to be in the top 5% of authors who produce an excellent ebook ...this will be the most exciting and valuable information you'll ever read.

Here's why:

There's an ebook which gives you a step-by-step method of how to write your own ebook within 5 days.  It's entitled: 

How to write an ebook

 Write an ebook
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I'll tell you how to get hold of that amazing book in just a moment.

But first...

Is there a book in you, just dying to get out?  

Are you struggling to get that book out of your brain, and into words? 

Would you like to know about a simple method to get your ebook created in 5 days?

If so, I have some very good news for you...

Published author, J Emily Gould, used Ebook Revolution to guide her through the process of writing her first book.

Published on Amazon in January 2013, "Basic Tips on Being a Careworker" is Emily's first book on practical carework.

Emily used Ebook Revolution to get those ideas she had in her mind ...onto paper, and then format them into the book she'd been wanting to write for so long.

"There's a book inside your head
just waiting to be written"

Let Emily inspire you ! 

She's shown us that it certainly is possible to write your own ebook.  And it's possible to get it out there, attracting sales.

You see, probably the biggest problem facing budding authors is starting off.

It's not rocket science... but if you don't start, you can't finish.

And that's where Ebook Revolution comes into its own.

It's inspirational

It's practical
It's motivational

Ebook Revolution takes you by the hand. 

With step by step instructions, heaps of inspiration, stacks of motivation, and plenty of how-to, the book inspires you from the outset - right through to the very end.

"But how will I know if my ebook is likely to sell?"

Ebook Revolution takes care of that too, showing you where to find some great research tools to weigh up the interest in your topic.  After all, there's no point in putting all that effort into something that won't sell.

Ebook Revolution eliminates all that worry by showing you where to discover how many people are looking for what you have.

...and then gets the ideas out of your brain, into words.

In other words, it's a complete guide to writing your first ebook.

I can't go into too much detail here.  It would take up too much space. 

The best way would be for you to try out Ebook Revolution with no risk.

Within a few minutes, you could be reading your personal copy, written in straight forward language, with no padding!

Writing an Ebook
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And once you've read it, you'll be in a position to write your first ebook. 

You'll understand what people are rushing to buy, how to get that book out of your brain and into words, how to stop perfectionism holding you back, and how to be in the top 5% of authors who produce an excellent ebook lots more!

In short, you'll be totally equipped to write that ebook.

For tasters, here's just a small, very small, sample of the how-to, secret ingredients for writing a great ebook, which you'll discover when you take possession of Ebook Revolution:

Clear step by step guidance for constructing your ebook.
A revolutionary method to get that ebook out of your brain and into words.
How your interaction with relatives or friends in the pub could result in you writing a best seller.
How to stop perfectionism holding you back.
Discover how to tap your subconscious mind for lots of brilliant ideas.
The brilliant motivating method that gets you to complete your ebook. 
How to use Google for great ideas, inspiration and research. 
Where to find free lists of trending topics to write about. 
How to find out what sort of books people are buying.
How to be in the TOP 5% of authors who produce a TOP book.
Where to get loads of valuable material for your book - for free!
How to create fantastic unique content for your ebook - from a normal conversation with a friend.
How to ensure your idea is profitable before you do the work on it
The secret ingredient for coming up with an attention-grabbing title.
How to structure your book to be interesting, readable, logical, informative and loved.
How your favourite Uncle can help you - without him knowing anything about it!
Where to find a fantastic free alternative to MS Word for writing your ebook.
Where to get some great pictures for your book for just a few pence - and even for free.
How to come across really natural and interesting.

Revealed: The major secret of online business people's success.

Trade secrets for selling your ebook for a profit.
   And much... much... more!

What you have just read is just a very small sampling of the exciting information that could be yours in the next few minutes. 

I could go on ...but I won't.  Suffice to say, this information isn't a luxury.  And although it isn't a magic bullet to having your ebook written for you, it is absolutely critical MUST-HAVE information ...if want to add writing your own ebook to your life's acheivements. 

Of course, I don't just want you to take my word for it.  You've already read about published author J. Emily Gould's real success story of how she applied the powerful secrets contained in Ebook Revolution.

Here's an email from another satisfied customer...


Create An Ebook - Testimnonial


But you know... I don't want you to simply believe the testimonials.  I want you to experience the magical results for yourself...  completely at my risk.

How to Write An Ebook
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Just before I tell you how you can get your own copy of Ebook Revolution, I have two questions for you...

How much would this sort of information be worth to you? 

How much would you pay if you knew of a method of getting your very first ebook created and out there, getting sales? 

You may be interested to know that some people willingly pay three and four figure amounts to attend a 1 day seminar just to get the same sort of information you're getting here for significantly less.

Do you know why they're keen to pay that much for a seminar?

It's simple.  So that they have the training they need to write a great ebook.

Are you starting to see what a great bargain this ebook is?  You get the same sort of information - digitally delivered to you in the next few minutes - without paying the high ticket price, or giving up a day of your life (and all the travel that goes with it).

So how much do you think this information is worth to you?

Before I tell you how much I've decide to charge you for Ebook Revolution, I want to tell you about the other exciting FREE BONUSES which you'll also receive with your order. 


FREE - Bonus 1

Audio Recording of the Book


As a bonus - and as a thank you for your purchase - I’m including the MP3 audio recording of the book. 

Recorded by myself, it’s a valuable partner to the ebook.

Get inspired by this audio book where-ever you are... in the gym, walking the dog, doing the ironing, driving along (and even whilst waiting in the traffic jams!)...

You'll find it very beneficial.

This audio recording is completely free of charge, with my compliments, and is available to download at the same time as you download the ebook.




FREE - Bonus 2

High Impact Product Ideas Ebook


11 high impact product ideas in 11 chapters

 make an ebook 

This ebook will inspire you with some
absolutely brilliant ideas
for creating your own product


Idea 1: Create An Email Course With Reprint Rights For Quick And Easy Cash

Idea 2: Use Article Directories To Spy On What Your Competitors Think Hot Topics Are.

Idea 3: Strengthen A Weak Point In A Competitor’s Successful Product.

Idea 4: Contact Publishers Who Cater To The Market You Want To Reach.

Idea 5: Subscribe To Lots Of Lists That Cater To The Market You Want To Reach.

Idea 6: Create Offers Specifically For Women.

Idea 7 :Create A Product Based On Something You’ve Actually Done.

Idea 8: Ask Yourself Open Ended Questions.

Idea 9: Borrow Ideas From Magazines That Feature Successful People And Hot Topics.

Idea 10: Get Together With Another Marketer To Brainstorm Ideas.

Idea 11: Turn Someone Else’s Product Launch Into Your Next BIG Payday.